Tuesday, January 22, 2008

198 Days To Go

Hi Everyone! Well it's almost time time launch "Practice Your English" with our Chinese friends. We are setting up the details, so that you can subscribe and login to the site. Stay tuned for this one, I think it's going to be fun and funny in a very good way! Also we will be posting links to find various things to do in Beijing. This place is changing so fast, keeping up with all the new information, is a challenge! I will say it is cold in Beijing right now...like 28 degrees today!

Next week we are going to introduce you to Bibi's cousin Li Li. Right now she is in South Beach visiting Bibi, as they plan their adventures in China. The weather in Miami Beach is a little overcast & windy today, but better then the rest of the country..like 78 degrees!

Sending Love Out To The World

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year! Countdown to 08.08.08

2008 has finally arrived and will be our most exciting year yet! I hope everyone is in good health and has an fabulous New Year!

I will be introducing you to the new Bibi Characters that will join us for our China adventure. You will meet Bibi's cousin Lili from Mott Street in Chinatown, New York City. She is a lot of fun. Of course we will be joined by Laurent the famous tennis player, and his twin brother Rico the international soccer sensation.

Also joining us is the real life NBA star ERIC WILLIAMS, as our official Basketball ambassador!

This month we also start our official "Practice Your English" with our Chinese friends in Beijing, with Bibi, your fabulous international ambassador of fun & excitement!

So welcome everyone to Bibi in Beijing 2008!

Your Fabulous Bibi