Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

It seems impossible that I haven't posted since the World Cup in South Africa more then 6 months ago, but alas it's true. 2010 was an unusual year across the board and I'm glad it's over, but I did do some amazing work!

But I'm so excited about this years projects! First up we are finally making a new Bibi Book. This will be our 12th year and the book is about Miami & New York!

The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, a mini-comic book that’s also a guide to Miami, will be publishing Bibi’s adventures in New York & Miami, cross promoting both cities. The beautifully illustrated full-color comic provides extraordinary realism and details of Bibi's adventures with her clients, their businesses and the story location. Follow Bibi as she travels back and forth from New York to Miami and visits some of the hotspots of both cities. Like every edition of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, the comic book will be filled with illustrations of real locations and people.

Advertisers interested in being a part of this special issue should reserve their space now.
Advertising deadline: February 25, 2011.

Like always, The Adventures of Bibi & Friends will offer scensters, fashionistas, and local celebrities an opportunity to become an animated character and become part of the adventure.

For people who just want to appear in the book as themselves:
(Comic character reservation deadline: February 15, 2011).

For more information or rates contact Brigitte Andrade at 305.222.7834 or visit

The Other Exciting News

Mobile Mike Comics With Bibi Official Launches This Month! We have been doing some comics since Sept, but will have a bi-weekly comic strip on

We are keeping the adventures rolling..are you coming?