Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Join One of of Two New Bibi Adventures!

Fabulicious! That is how I am describing the 2 new "Adventures of Bibi & Friends" books,
A Celebration of Two Cities" Miami / New York Edition due out June 2011 and our first gay issue "Gay South Beach" hitting the streets in time for Miami Beach Gay Pride Day April 16, 2011!

We are celebrating by presenting a special deal at
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Previous Bibi Books!

"A Celebration Of Two Cities" Miami/New York

                                                 Gay South Beach Presentation!

We look forward to having you join our adventures and remember
"Where Bibi Goes, The World Follows"


Pray For Japan!

First I would like to extend my prayers and hope for the people of JAPAN. They are facing  multiple devastating events, first an earthquake, then tsunami and now a powerful nuclear event.  There are no previous events in our history to make a comparison.  For me not 3 Mile Island or Chernobyl will come close to this one. They were only dealing with 1 reactor in each incident, but the Japanese are dealing with 6 at once.

Is this the price we pay for being a glutton society as a whole? This is not just about Japan, but all of us! Maybe change will be forced upon us, whether we like or not...