Monday, April 18, 2011

The Newest Adventures Of Bibi & Friends Has Arrived!

(On the Cover: Bibi, Teo the Dog, James Cubby, Elaine Lancaster & Vita
Bibi & Vita are fictional characters)


(In the comic photo..Mayor Mattie Bower, VP of Cultural Tourism at GMCVB George Neary, Pioneer Cindy Brown, Andy Cohen of Bravo, The Diva Elaine Lancaster, The Fabulous Bibi & Commisioner Michael Gongora) 

Well we have done it again! Our newest edition to the Bibi family..."Gay South Beach", an insider's guide to gay-friendly establishments in South Beach, brought to you by the people who make the town what is is! The locals have join the book as comic characters of themselves and along with South Beach Ambassador "Bibi", guide you to what we have to offer. So pickup your copy of "The Adventures of Bibi & Friends", where you too can become a part of the adventure!

 If you would like to be a comic book character & 
join our next adventure the Miami/New York edition coming out this summer, please visit