Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Game Time 23 Days

The Beijing Olympics start in 23 days and I have to tell you it's hot in Beijing. The average temperature today is 35C which is 95 degrees! Also the games time version of their (Beijing) official website has been launched. Visit http://en.beijing2008.cn for more information! For some reason when you click on the link, it doesn't open, but it's the right link...so cut and paste into your browser. The new comics for China are now ready and I'm uploading today. They will be in both English & Chinese, but the Chinese balloons will not be ready until this weekend.

Will return shortly!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Opening of Games in 27 Day!

Well Bibi bloggers it time to start blogging! The games begin in 27 days and I'm very excited to be your host! This weekend is the launch of Bibi in Beijing on my website and of course we will link to you here. Exciting things are happening for Bibi during the the Olympics, including a new male co-host! Yeah and he is very handsome all you ladies out there!

Anyway are you ready to meet Lili, the famous Bibi cousin we have been waiting for? Well here she is along with Bibi on the cover of launch series! Okay I have a lot to finish tonight, so I will see you tomorrow!