Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beijing: Places To Visit of Rich History & Culture

Photo Courtesy of China Photo Press

With 149 days to go, it's time to start working on our Beijing itinerary together.
Bibi Sports has a China tour package available through our website starting March 15th, 2008.

We have April, August & November packages available for a 14 day travel tour through China.

Here is list of fabulous places to visit in Beijing while there!

Badaling Great Wall

Palace Museum (Forbidden City)

Beihai Park

The Temple of Heaven

Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden)

The Summer Palace

The Ruins of Yuan Ming Yuan Park

Lugouqiao (Marco Polo) Bridge

Beijing is very much on schedule with the building of their venues and infrastructure. They have a wonderful new Subway_Line 10 that will start running ahead of schedule in June. For more information visit us again this weekend!


PS: I'm having problems linking the places to visit, so cut & paste into your browser, until I can fix the problem!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

154 Days To 08 08 08

Bibi Fans...I'm so busy working on multiple projects! There are new books coming, fantastic new creative images & presentations and new bibi art works! Add that to my busy hectic social schedule...just had the Wine & Food Festival and currently attending the Miami Film Festival. So stay tuned, this month is our big launch!