Sunday, September 25, 2011

Countdown: 10 Days Left!

WE have 10 days left to my KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. Due to feedback and pledging difficulties (last night I walked Jerry Libbin through the pledge process and it shouldn't be that complicated to give money to anyone) So I've made a last minute adjustment. You can donate here

Or GO TO MY WEBSITE: There is a DONATE button there also! To my old school friends: Please click above link or on the website. I WILL PLEDGE FOR EVERYONE WHO GIVES THERE!

Here is my Kickstarter Video just in case you haven't seen it!

I would like to thank everyone that wants to see me succeed! I Love You All!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Raising Money Through Love

LOVE...that is what it's all about! Now you must asking yourself "What is she talking about"? On September 5th, Bibiandfriends.TV launched it's pledge campaign on, a unique website where tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. This is an all-or-nothing pledge campaign. If my goal of $10,000 is not met in 30 days, then we receive nothing.  We are seeking your support in promoting this innovative project.


Now this is where the love comes in. I need a lot of people to show me love in order to fully fund this project before OCTOBER 5th, 2011!

I have to admit it is very strange asking people for money every day for 30 days, because you don't just ask once, you have to keep going back with your hand out until they give you something. No is not an option. The great thing is that EVERYONE can afford to give something, because my pledges start at $1.00.  In this economy, I wanted to give everyone a chance to support The Adventures of Bibi and Friends. It takes a LOT of work to run a campaign like this. There is no magic bullet, but a daily grind of emails and phone calls. One has to be very confident, because for every yes pledge, there must be at least 20 none pledges. You have to let go of ego and fear and just believe. If I didn't believe, I wouldn't be here 12 years later, ready to expand The Adventures of Bibi and Friends

So are you ready to help me by pledging and call and email your friends? Your help is very much appreciated and from the bottom of heart, I send much love to my supporters & fans!

Call Your Friends