Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bibi's 13th Anniversary...Coming Soon!

Hello Bibi Fans! I can't believe it is almost 1/2 way through February! Where does the time go? I have so many wonderful projects that I am working on this year, including the 13 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF       "THE ADVENTURES OF BIBI AND FRIENDS", featuring the history of "ALL THE COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS! This will take place sometime in June of 2012!  I will keep you posted on the date and place!

As you know I have been promoting the launch of my new BibiandFriends.TV webisodes.  I'm still tweeking what will work best on a time factor because it also includes animation, but I came up with an interesting format that crosses all platforms including IPAD, IPHONE and ANDROID for marketing and promotion proposes. If I could include sound, this would be fantastic!

In the meanwhile, check out my new Comedy Corner and have some fun!