Saturday, July 25, 2009

My New Art Project

Hello Bibites! I wanted to let you know that I have a new project online. It's all about art, and especially all the art that takes place in December here in Miami. Check out

I would like everyone in the art business to get involved. You can have banner advertising, a listing or even be a featured artist or gallery. Contact me at

Looking forward to promoting the arts!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much to do, So little time!

In my free time of waiting at the doctors office today, I complied another list of things to do for the next two months. These projects (like updating websites) required a fare amount of time to complete. The process of getting all the new info and then the time to change it on the sites. My webmaster does a certain amount and I do the rest. I have notebooks of my things to do list. I'm happy to report that a LOT of it gets done, but then there is the process of making a new list when that one is complete. One of the tricks I find useful is to go back every few months to review and see if I have accomplished my goals. If not I bring it forward to the new list and keep working on it!

What I have realized over the years is that I GET A LOT HANDLED! So I don't beat myself up if there is something that hasn't been done yet, and instead keep my eye on the bigger picture. It is not the road I'm looking at, but the pleasure of the journey itself. What a great journey!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Passing of Michael Jackson

So much has been written and dissected about the life of Michael Jackson over the past 2 weeks. His death hit me in strange way. In some bizarre way I felt like a chapter of my childhood had come to a close. Everything in my pre-teen & mid-teen years, revolved around The Jackson Five & Michael Jackson. I can laugh now, but I was Jackson groupie to the core. Every poster on the wall, played the vinyl all day every day, until my mother threaten to break it, if I didn't play something else. This from a woman, whom upon breaking up with boyfriend in the late 60's, played the same Dionne Warrick song for 24 hours, 3 days in row. I actually told her I wanted to live with another relative if she played that song!

I never missed a concert in New York or New Jersey and had the pleasure of meeting all of them except Michael himself. He was always kept under lock & key. I was close on several occasions, but never him. All the photos from that period are now missing (from moving around) and that is a shame, but I do have my memories.

When he separated from the group and released OFF THE WALL & THRILLER in the early eighties, I became a fan of another kind. One of respect for a genius. Those videos were mini-movies. Just genius! At that time I was the Managing Director of the first & largest Hair & Makeup agency in New York called Beauty Bookings. When the Jackson's reunited and did their Victory Tour in New York, I once again came in contact with the Brothers, but this time in a most unique way. It was the launch of Whitney Houston's career. She had her public premier that night at The Limelight nightclub singing with Jermaine Jackson after the Victory Tour concert. One of my makeup artist by the name of Quietfire, did her makeup, so I got to do the behind the scenes thing. Whitney was really young at the time, 18 or so and I remember that night like it yesterday; another STAR was born. She could SING, as of course we have all come to know.

The first hint that something unusual, might happen to Michael Jackson came in 1986 at of all places Eddie Murphy's house in New Jersey. Someone at the house revealed that one day in the future, allegations about his sexuality were going to come out and we were going to shocked. Eddie wasn't buying it and you could not talk bad about Michael because as it turned out, he was as big of fan as I was, if not bigger. I didn't know what to think and filed the comment under future reference in my brain. So imagine my shock 6-7 years later when the first lawsuit was filed. Hummm!

In the end because he was not convicted of anything, all I can do is just pray that nothing happen to any of those kids. With him gone and leaving behind kids of his own, I have decided to remember him for what he did for ME! Which was make me happy, teach me new dance moves, and forever sing along to his songs.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My life the last 2 months!

So it has been a little over 2 months since I posted. The entire month of April had me producing the fastest book I ever made. The book was produced for the big POW WOW convention in Miami Beach the middle of May, but the bureau did not print the book after all. So we have made a few updates and will now release the book for the fall. Actually I'm glad, because the current book was still in circulation with information through August. The month of May was busy with events, theater and volunteering as a Miami Beach ambassador for tourism.

Now the month of June takes a turn when the first Friday brings an unexpected flood to my city and directly to our under ground parking garage, which was filled with water up to my hip. Needless to say, we lost our car and major repairs to the scooter. The month proceeded to go by in a blur. Between tows, insurance claims, car shopping, scooter repairs and on top of it, a major house project; I stepped away from the communications of Facebook, Twitter, checking emails, etc. I finally started to see the light the last few days of June.

Just as I came up for air, a really most unexpected thing happened: Michael Jackson passed away. Comments on this event require a separate posting, which will follow.

I'm happy to be back at work and in communication again. It's time to dust off some projects that need attention and others that been waiting for the right time & place to come forth.