Sunday, September 25, 2011

Countdown: 10 Days Left!

WE have 10 days left to my KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. Due to feedback and pledging difficulties (last night I walked Jerry Libbin through the pledge process and it shouldn't be that complicated to give money to anyone) So I've made a last minute adjustment. You can donate here

Or GO TO MY WEBSITE: There is a DONATE button there also! To my old school friends: Please click above link or on the website. I WILL PLEDGE FOR EVERYONE WHO GIVES THERE!

Here is my Kickstarter Video just in case you haven't seen it!

I would like to thank everyone that wants to see me succeed! I Love You All!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Raising Money Through Love

LOVE...that is what it's all about! Now you must asking yourself "What is she talking about"? On September 5th, Bibiandfriends.TV launched it's pledge campaign on, a unique website where tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. This is an all-or-nothing pledge campaign. If my goal of $10,000 is not met in 30 days, then we receive nothing.  We are seeking your support in promoting this innovative project.


Now this is where the love comes in. I need a lot of people to show me love in order to fully fund this project before OCTOBER 5th, 2011!

I have to admit it is very strange asking people for money every day for 30 days, because you don't just ask once, you have to keep going back with your hand out until they give you something. No is not an option. The great thing is that EVERYONE can afford to give something, because my pledges start at $1.00.  In this economy, I wanted to give everyone a chance to support The Adventures of Bibi and Friends. It takes a LOT of work to run a campaign like this. There is no magic bullet, but a daily grind of emails and phone calls. One has to be very confident, because for every yes pledge, there must be at least 20 none pledges. You have to let go of ego and fear and just believe. If I didn't believe, I wouldn't be here 12 years later, ready to expand The Adventures of Bibi and Friends

So are you ready to help me by pledging and call and email your friends? Your help is very much appreciated and from the bottom of heart, I send much love to my supporters & fans!

Call Your Friends

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Newest Adventures Of Bibi & Friends Has Arrived!

(On the Cover: Bibi, Teo the Dog, James Cubby, Elaine Lancaster & Vita
Bibi & Vita are fictional characters)


(In the comic photo..Mayor Mattie Bower, VP of Cultural Tourism at GMCVB George Neary, Pioneer Cindy Brown, Andy Cohen of Bravo, The Diva Elaine Lancaster, The Fabulous Bibi & Commisioner Michael Gongora) 

Well we have done it again! Our newest edition to the Bibi family..."Gay South Beach", an insider's guide to gay-friendly establishments in South Beach, brought to you by the people who make the town what is is! The locals have join the book as comic characters of themselves and along with South Beach Ambassador "Bibi", guide you to what we have to offer. So pickup your copy of "The Adventures of Bibi & Friends", where you too can become a part of the adventure!

 If you would like to be a comic book character & 
join our next adventure the Miami/New York edition coming out this summer, please visit

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Join One of of Two New Bibi Adventures!

Fabulicious! That is how I am describing the 2 new "Adventures of Bibi & Friends" books,
A Celebration of Two Cities" Miami / New York Edition due out June 2011 and our first gay issue "Gay South Beach" hitting the streets in time for Miami Beach Gay Pride Day April 16, 2011!

We are celebrating by presenting a special deal at
Become a Piece of Art or Bibi Sponsor!

Previous Bibi Books!

"A Celebration Of Two Cities" Miami/New York

                                                 Gay South Beach Presentation!

We look forward to having you join our adventures and remember
"Where Bibi Goes, The World Follows"


Pray For Japan!

First I would like to extend my prayers and hope for the people of JAPAN. They are facing  multiple devastating events, first an earthquake, then tsunami and now a powerful nuclear event.  There are no previous events in our history to make a comparison.  For me not 3 Mile Island or Chernobyl will come close to this one. They were only dealing with 1 reactor in each incident, but the Japanese are dealing with 6 at once.

Is this the price we pay for being a glutton society as a whole? This is not just about Japan, but all of us! Maybe change will be forced upon us, whether we like or not...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

It seems impossible that I haven't posted since the World Cup in South Africa more then 6 months ago, but alas it's true. 2010 was an unusual year across the board and I'm glad it's over, but I did do some amazing work!

But I'm so excited about this years projects! First up we are finally making a new Bibi Book. This will be our 12th year and the book is about Miami & New York!

The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, a mini-comic book that’s also a guide to Miami, will be publishing Bibi’s adventures in New York & Miami, cross promoting both cities. The beautifully illustrated full-color comic provides extraordinary realism and details of Bibi's adventures with her clients, their businesses and the story location. Follow Bibi as she travels back and forth from New York to Miami and visits some of the hotspots of both cities. Like every edition of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, the comic book will be filled with illustrations of real locations and people.

Advertisers interested in being a part of this special issue should reserve their space now.
Advertising deadline: February 25, 2011.

Like always, The Adventures of Bibi & Friends will offer scensters, fashionistas, and local celebrities an opportunity to become an animated character and become part of the adventure.

For people who just want to appear in the book as themselves:
(Comic character reservation deadline: February 15, 2011).

For more information or rates contact Brigitte Andrade at 305.222.7834 or visit

The Other Exciting News

Mobile Mike Comics With Bibi Official Launches This Month! We have been doing some comics since Sept, but will have a bi-weekly comic strip on

We are keeping the adventures rolling..are you coming?