Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ghana Wins 2-0 over Czech Republic! Biggest Upset so Far in World Cup!

Never under estimate Africa! This is the best news for the USA team. Neither Italy or the USA can advance today!


Ghana just scored there first goal ever

Well I'm ready to chat with anyone out there!!! We are all getting ready for the Italy_Usa match in 3 hours. Anythoughts on todays game?


Friday, June 16, 2006

Go Argentina!!!! They Score 6 Goals!

Argentina just ran Serbia & Montenegro into the ground. S & M ran out of steam after the first 2 goals. Seems like the whole Argentina team got a chance to score, with Maxi Rodriguez the man of the match! Congrats!

This weekend I have some fun facts that I will post on the blog!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Paraguay is Eliminated!

So Sad! Most of these games have scored very late in the game and this one was no exception! Congrats Sweden!

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The Games Are Going Well! Germany looking Strong!

I'm happy to report that so far it has been an exciting World Cup! Did you see the Germany game yesterday? Very good game! They pulled out a win in stoppage time (they usually do pull a cat out of the bag, just when you think it's over). What I like is that all teams the press said would be easy wins, have not been easy wins. All the teams have had to fight hard for their wins, (except the USA....just joking....leave my country alone). We can talk bad after the Italy match on Saturday (I just pray they score a goal so that we are not the butt joke of the tournament). I think I shall call the Unity hotline and get a prayer going for them (any little bit helps)!

Okay England won 2-0 over Trinadad & Tobago (whom by the way kept England scoreless until the last 6 minutes)
Game time for Sweden & Paraguay

By the way I need to make a correction: Brazil has won 5 World Cups, With Italy & Germany tied at 3 each

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well like I said, the game of the day goes to Brazil. They are the most fun to watch. A friend was reporting from Lincoln Road in Miami Beach with Brazil fans and how much fun is it being with them. Everyone is in full colors of the team or wearing a flag fashion. Even the babies are dressed in team colors. But I have to give Croatia some credit here. They kept them to a 1 goal score, but that is all you need to win. CONGRATS BRAZIL!!!! Party time on the beach!

Rico Romeo

South Korea Wins, But We are Waiting For The Brazil Game

Well if you don't know me by now, I'm Rico Romeo and I'm going to be your moderator for today's games. South Korea just won their first world cup game against Togo. Congrats! Switzerland & France are next, but the game of the day is BRAZIL vs CROATIA. In Miami Beach, it seems to me that Brazil and Italy are the favorite teams here. They go crazy anytime these teams play. If you have any questions for me, just blog me.

Rico Romeo

Monday, June 12, 2006

Everyone Loves The New Blog Site

I'm very pleased with the response I'm getting on this blogging adventure. I want friends and soccer fans to keep posting on this page. Thanks! Now I need to finish the website so that you can have fun there! Will be back soon!

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Italy Wins 2-0

Now that was a good game! By the way let's congratulate AUSTRALIA on their win over Japan. But back to Italy...those players are good looking!

Italy scores first Goal against Ghana!

Go Italy!!!

USA Needs Help!!!!

The USA choked in their first game! Maybe they need to start practicing in Europe or Brazil. Any thoughts anyone? Sorry I haven't been online this weekend, but was very ill! Feeling much better thank you! Now watching Italy and Ghana and so far no score, but it's a good game. See you after!


Friday, June 9, 2006

Germany wins the first game!

Well the host nation of Germany, just beat Costa Rica 4-2! It would have been a major upset if Costa Rica had won, because most host nations do win their opening games. I thought Costa Rica played pretty well, but of course Germany was better. After all they have won 5 World Cups and are favored to win! I'm tired and need a nap before the next game in an hour.

Bibi Comic

World Cup Starts Today

This blogging is a whole new world for Bibi, but I'm ready if you are. The first game starts at 11:55 am this morning Miami Beach time. Let me know what you ladies thought of today's game (there are two games just in case you didn't know), and you have to catch them on ESPN 2 or the SPANISH stations if you want live coverage in America, and don't have satellite TV. The advertisers in America do not want to give up their traditions of advertising, after all 45 MINUTES is TOO LONG to go without seeing a! Could we live without seeing a commercial for 45 minutes? Oh wait...don't forget the referee might add extra minutes. Okay enough about why we in America can barely catch any kind of major sports event ex: Olympics in real time on a major network. That should give you folks in Europe something to laugh about!