Monday, July 30, 2012

Bibi Olympic Zone_ Let The Games Begin!

The 2012 Olympic Games Have Begun!

I am always excited to see the Olympics! It takes so much work and dedication to get there. There is a VISA commercial running on what it takes to get to the Olympics...the commercial is so right on. You can't buy your way onto the podium, you have to run, swim, bike, sail or perform one of the various Olympic talents, which makes this unique in my opinion.


Opening Ceremonies: Of course the best part was the Queen and James Bond segment. I loved it, but I do have to ask one question though...Is there a reason why the Queen doesn't smile, when it seems she at an Olympic ceremony in your nation?  Someone asked during the ceremony here in America, what does she carry in her hand bag? The answer back jokingly: Her smile! I knows she smiles and think she is a great lady. If the British people know something about these things, share your thoughts, but I will delete anything that is not in the Olympic spirit.

By the way there seemed to be a little scandal about the flame.  Apparently it could not be seen outside the stadium. I am happy to report, it seems that the flame has been moved to the other side of the stadium (see photo below) and relit! That is good news because not everyone gets to see the games but can enjoy 
Olympic Park, and want to see the flame. I know I would!

Photo Courtesy of London Olympics

At the opening ceremony, we had our first time Olympic watcher! 

Olympic Results:

The gymnastics have been interesting, with China & Romania 
woman athlete's having a few missteps. Can't wait to see the women perform.  The USA men unfortunately slipped in 5th place today and will see no medal after Danell Leyva & John Orozco faltered on the pommel horse.
The wonderful surprise is that Great Britain first scored Silver, then Japan had an inquiry over the pommel horse, which bumped their score from 4th to 2nd place, hence Great Britain won Bronze!

Olympic Medal Highlights

Medal Count as of 7/30 (will update tonight)

I'll be back with more Olympic results and the latest Bibi animations.


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