Thursday, June 12, 2014


This is the question on the minds of many people. I know the excitement level of watching some great and maybe some not so great soccer matches, is still thrilling, but I have a little knot in my stomach pertaining to some of those new stadiums. I personally would feel very uncomfortable going to a stadium that is untested on capacity use. There have been a few deaths in the building process and behind the scene stories of potential corruption and cutting corners. This makes a recipe for disaster, but I am an optimist and really hope that the Brazilian people put their best face on for the world. Obviously the cost of doing so was too high a price to pay for some Brazilians. We hear this morning that there is a strike at the airport and that traffic is a nightmare. Despite the fact that the roof of the stadium in Sao Paulo is not complete, today is game time and I hope that the Brazilians (some of the biggest fans in the world), show the world why soccer IS a religion to them. Best of luck, we will all be watching! #worldcup #worldcup2014 #bibiadventures


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